About ME
Photography has been part of my life for many years now, both professionally and personally. I use photography as a means to tell a story, much like writing a book, a good photoshoot should have something to say. In all my work I try my best to transfer as much emotion as possible.
I have photographed from landscapes to models, to corporate shoots, but no shoot is as enjoyable as photographing that special wedding, and in no other shoot we can capture as much genuine emotion as on your wedding day. 
For that reason each wedding is different, and each of them requires my utmost commitment to providing you with life lasting photographs of that unique moment.
Few things are as enjoyable as being told that you have captured that moment that nobody else noticed.
All I care about is making sure you have the best day possible, when I am photographing I am not checking my watch counting the hours. I make sure there are no moments lost behind me, I don't work by the hour, I work to make that special day even more special. No photo limits and no time limit. 
All wedding packages include:
Free consultation and Pre-Shoot
Full-day coverage
Personalised web gallery
Shareable slideshow
All files in high resolution on hard drive, no watermarks and ready to print.

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